About Us

A reputation for quality and detail.

Our Story

Perth Waterproofing and Silicone Solutions (PWSS) has established a name associated with quality and reliability

From our roots as a small team, delivering the best possible service, we’ve quickly grown to a team of over 20 certified field operators. We’ve always maintained our reputation for quality by providing certified in-house training.


PWSS do not compromise on quality and attention to detail

We treat all our jobs as when we were a small team, striving for the best possible service.

We take great pride in being part of the elite group of master builders, and our affiliation with AIW, the Australian Institute of Waterproofing, underscores our commitment to excellence. We boast a team of 20+ in-house trained and certified field applicators who bring their extensive expertise to every project.

Supported by a dedicated and knowledgeable office team, we ensure that all your silicone & waterproofing needs are met efficiently and effectively.

Our in-house estimators provide accurate and detailed assessments, while our RLA accredited applicators guarantee the highest standard of quality in every application.

Trust us for all your silicone & waterproofing requirements, and experience the difference that our skilled team and industry-leading expertise can make.